True North Heroes

"Don’t you think it would be cool if Falcon was also in Avengers 2?"

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All of the yes

I’ll take one of each and 2 of the long blue jacket. 

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Empty Jon Reid

"I love the contrast of old and new architecture in London. One of the best locations to appreciate this contrast is the ‘More London’ complex which includes a view of the 1000 year old Tower of London as well as the modern glass and steel structures of today. Unfortunately, the site is one of the busiest in London. The morning of Boxing Day presented the rare opportunity to capture this location without the crowds.

I took hundreds of images with no people but I found that including a lone figure enhanced this unusual emptiness.”

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if you ever worry that you’re weird, or taking it a bit far as a fangirl, remember that people in ancient Rome used to buy vials of their favorite gladiator’s sweat to wear as perfume. so like. at least its not a new thing.

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